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Москва, Нижний Сусальный пер. 5, стр. 4
Contact us:

Address for delivery:
Nizhny Susalny lane 5, building 4,
105064 Moscow

Phone: +7 495-287-8577

E-mail: infos@tbs-semi.ru


TBS is an official exclusive representative of leading international high-tech equipment suppliers such as SUSS MciroTec, Corial, Evatec, Sawatec, FiconTEC, and MPI on Russia and CIS territories. The company started operations in 1995 supplying equipment for CD and DVD production and testing systems for microelectronic industry. Starting from 2006 the company has focused its efforts on microelectronics, has accumulated broad experience in support of complex hi-tech eqiupment and now delivers and supports systems for the production of semiconductor, optical and microelectronic devices.



The core value of our company is customer focus thus our leading engineers regularly take part in the improvement of equipment. The team collects customer feedback regarding functionality of the equipment, helping design special series of systems that are tailored for Russian market.

Our employees frequently attend trainings and refresher courses at the manufacturing sites. Engineering team can fully support installation, repairs and maintenance of the equipment. Thanks to the constant contact with the suppliers our company has all the latest updates and quickly reacts to the customer needs.



1. Direct sales of equipment

We have direct contracts and special terms with manufacturers and thus can provide best prices for high-tech equipment to our customers. Experience in communication with the suppliers and customers allows us to work without unnecessary intermediaries.

2. Engineering

Our qualified specialists can develop and prepare installation layout including integration into existing facility layout. If needed we can set up and run related engineering systems to ensure full functioning of the main tool.

3. Customer service

Company employees regularly go through advanced trainings at the suppliers’ sites and have a lot of experience in servicing supplied equipment, as well as commissioning and troubleshooking work. Their qualifications are highly recognized by our suppliers and they are an engineering source for installations not only in Russia, but also in Europe.

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4. Turnkey Solutions

We develop E2E solutions for production lines based on automatic cluster/modular systems, as well as separate standalone tools.

5. Delivery of equipment and accessories

The equipment can be supplied either on EXW/FCA basis or DAP/DDP. Our logistics department will take care of delivery and customs clearance of products and documentation including official cargo customs declaration. The equipment is shipped via specialized vehicles (i.e. trucks with pneumatic suspensions and thermal stabilization as well as air transport). Our engineer will in advance check the readiness of the installation site for compliance of installation requirements of the supplier (facility audit). We keep a stock of spare parts in Moscow to speed up service support and repairs.


  • Our total installation base of equipment in Russia exceeds 500 units and we provide full service for it
  • Strong contacts with key customers across Russia
  • Managing full supply chain from supplier to end-user
  • Over 20 years of insight knowledge about Russian market
  • Your reliable engineering partner in Russia

We are here to help you with your business development in Russia.

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